Professional & Executive Search

In an ideal world, succession planning would always be embedded into an organizations’ strategy and processes and provide the talent when needed. Realistically, key managers and executives are not always present or available within the organization when a specific need arises. This is the time to engage a professional firm with the insight and experience of The Premier Partners to assist you in selecting talent and future leaders.

Each time we take on a search assignment, we make a commitment that we will be available, in terms of intellectual engagement and time; honest in our read of the market; and, no matter how challenging the assignment, we will deploy the necessary resources to deliver the results promised.

The professionals at The Premier Partners bring a line-of-sight focus on staying ahead of the recruiting curve because we are well aware that in today’s marketplace, the battle for talent remains ultra-competitive. Leading organizations recognize there is difference between candidates on the market and candidates in the market.

Utilizing a team-based approach for each assignment, the experienced professionals know how and where to begin each engagement and more importantly how to bring it to a successful conclusion in an acceptable time frame.


With a focus on targeted job-fit, we research and learn your business, your culture, your strategy, and the critical technical, leadership, and interpersonal skills required to be successful in the position and in your organization.

An often used and often misunderstood phrase – the search professionals at The Premier Partners are trained and experienced in sourcing, screening and selecting for Job-Fit. When we speak with potential candidates, we take a holistic approach – evaluating organizational fit; position fit; job location fit; culture fit as well as fit for future needs within the organization.

Our Approach - An Overview

Phase I: Position Profile and Candidate Target Definition

The first step we undertake in the search process is to define and gain agreement on the desired background and qualifications of the ideal candidate. In carrying out this process, we speak with as many key stakeholders in your organization as you think necessary to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the type of person we will be looking for, the goals and objectives of your organization, and its style and operating environment.

Phase II: Research

Based on the position profile, we begin the research phase of the search. The goal of research is to identify potential candidates for the position, target organizations where ideal candidates may be located, and determine key sources and referrals whose judgment we trust and who we feel will be able to help us identify the highest-quality candidates to fill this position. During this phase of the search process, we will create and implement a detailed and comprehensive marketing and sourcing campaign to ensure we gain maximum coverage within the candidate marketplace.

Phase III: Preliminary Candidate Qualification

Once we identify those individuals who appear to be qualified as either sources or potential candidates for the position, we follow-up with each person and conduct a first level discussion. This is a hands-on and fairly exhaustive step.

Phase IV: Review

Utilizing our team-based approach, we meet to review and discuss the background of those individuals with a goal of determining a reduced list worthy of further consideration and pursuit.

Phase V: Qualifying & Selection Interviews

We conduct behavioral-based interviews with each of the individuals agreed upon from our review meeting with the goal of further narrowing down the field to the most qualified finalists.

Phase VI: Candidate Presentation

We will send and review with you our written presentations of the candidates. For each of the candidates presented, we prepare a summary of their backgrounds, describing their education, career histories, reason(s) for making various job changes, and salary history, along with our personal interview summaries and other relevant information.

Phase VII: Selection and Reference Checking

After you and the final candidate have expressed a strong interest in each other and you have agreed that you may wish to extend an offer, we will conduct extensive reference checks into the individual’s background. It is likely you may, at this time, have specific questions regarding various areas of a candidate’s background that you would like us to probe more thoroughly with their references.

Phase VIII: Other Candidates

Upon the successful conclusion of the search, we will contact all individuals with whom the search was discussed. We will inform them of the outcome and thank them on behalf of your organization for their interest in the opportunity. This often overlooked step allows us to maintain a professional relationship with those candidates not selected but who may have the potential to be considered for some future role within your organization.

Note: Approximately 70% of the candidates we place involve relocation of the candidate and/or their family. The search professionals at Premier bring the insight, experience and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of ensuring a smooth transition for the candidates to their new role.