Healthcare RPO

Building and Sustaining a
Mission-Minded Workforce

“If you don’t change the direction you are going, then you’re likely to end up where you’re heading…”

John C. Maxwell

We help our clients build and retain their workforce as they pursue person directed care

The Premier Partners helps organizations change directions and find success as it relates to finding and identifying qualified candidates, driving down vacancy rates, reducing turnover, providing leadership and support in transforming the culture of the workforce towards person directed care and consistent assignment.

Our philosophy and approach considers that each community we serve is special and unique there is no one size fits all approach to building and sustaining your workforce. We desire each client we partner with to be transformed and grow through our unique experiences. Each client is empowered to be as self-sufficient as they desire as they transform their workforce one person at a time.

Call us at 585-329-4060 to learn more about how we can help your community or organization to:

  • Reduce Turnover
  • Reduce Vacancy
  • Reduce Overtime
  • Eliminate Agency
  • Achieve Consistent Assignment
  • Succession Planning
  • Increase Qualified Applicant Flow
  • Hire For Job Fit: Skill, Will, Thrill and Culture & Sub-culture fit
  • Recruitment & Sourcing Strategy
  • Selection Process Development
  • Employee On-Boarding Service
  • Applicant Tracking Technology - “PROS ATS”
  • Exit Interviews


Our focus is servicing progressive healthcare organizations who desire to attract and retain a mission-minded workforce. Our line-of-sight focus drives results…

  • Over 5,000 positions filled in 2012
  • Proven track record
  • Sourcing strategies / Multipronged approach
  • Line-of-sight focus on recruitment
  • Technology / Proprietary ATS
  • Streamlined/Efficient/Consistent/Centralized Process

Our People

  • Dedicated client service manager
  • Talent acquisition / Sourcing
  • Specialized healthcare recruitment team
  • Non-healthcare recruitment specialists
  • On-boarding team

Performance Metrics / Deliverables

  • Hiring manager support & satisfaction
  • Increase applicant flow
    • Improve positioning as employer of choice / branding
    • Attract passive & active job candidates
  • Reduce time to fill
  • Increase retention rate (job fit hiring)
  • Increase hiring manager satisfaction
  • Improve new hire quality

Immediate Partnership Benefits

  • Leverage Premier’s infrastructure to drive down costs
  • Fully staffed to budget (reduce vacancy rate)
  • Build talent pipelines
  • Improve retention
  • Eliminate agency usage
  • Reduce overtime