The Premier Partners Supports the Expansion at Client Community


The Challenge:

Provide a talent acquisition program to support major expansion

The Response:

The Premier Partners implemented a comprehensive recruitment campaign to build pipeline of nursing staff

The Results:

  • 20,302 applicants
  • 625 jobs filled
  • Successful expansion of services – increased revenue

The Situation

A regional aging services provider with over one thousand employees, planned significant expansion to meet community demands. These changes resulted in new staffing challenges related to increased volume while maintaining quality standards. The opening of their new transitional care centers, SNF, and hospice was predicated on having the required nursing staff in a timely manner. Their strategic blueprint required a fundamental change in their talent acquisition process.

The Challenge

The aging services provider lacked the resources to build a mission minded workforce within the required timeline to meet new organizational needs.

The Response

The Premier Partners and the provider’s leadership team worked closely to establish a strategy to meet the workforce demands of an expansive continuum of healthcare services. A comprehensive workforce strategy was implemented to achieve staffing objectives:

  • Established a streamlined recruitment process to increase efficiencies
  • Leveraged The Premier Partners infrastructure to enhance candidate sourcing and technology
  • Established performance metrics to ensure objectives were met

The Results

Within the first year of implementation, the partnership delivered:

  • 20,302 applicants
  • 1,645 applicants qualified for interviews
  • 625 jobs filled
  • 24 days average time-to-fill
  • Management team able to focus on mission critical operational objectives
  • Successful opening of new transitional care centers, skilled nursing, and hospice operation