The Premier Partners Elevates Recruitment at NY Capital Region Provider


The Challenge:

Eliminate nurse agency usage, lower vacancy rate

The Response:

The Premier Partners implemented a focused recruitment process to build pipeline of nursing staff

The Results:

  • Agency usage eliminated within six months of implementation
  • Larger pool of nursing staff
  • Significant reduction in time-to-fill positions

The Situation

A regional aging services provider with over six hundred employees was facing staffing issues related to quality, quantity, and timeliness to fill job openings. These challenges resulted in costly nurse agency usage and elevated overtime expenditure. Their strategic blueprint required a fundamental change in their talent acquisition processes.

The Challenge

The aging services provider lacked the necessary resources to build an adequate pipeline of nursing staff to meet organizational needs.

The Response

The Premier Partners conducted a comprehensive analysis of the provider’s recruitment and employment practices to identify current strengths and opportunities. This review resulted in a defined blueprint for success, performance metrics, and key objectives:

  • Implemented a streamlined recruitment process to increase efficiencies
  • Leveraged The Premier Partners infrastructure to enhance candidate sourcing and technology
  • Established performance metrics to ensure objectives were met

The Results

Within six months of implementation, the partnership delivered:

  • Elimination of nurse agency usage resulting in savings of over $250K
  • Increased candidate flow by 3x
  • Improved interview-to-hire ratio to 2 ½:1 / Higher interviewee quality
  • Averaging 22 days requisition-to-fill
  • Increased pool of “ready, willing, and able” employees resulting in consistent staff coverage
  • Operations team able to focus more on resident care and employee development